The Firebox

Every offset unit starts with a firebox with venting

Fire Grate

Every firebox comes with a high temperature fire grate.  This is standard on all units and is made to withstand the temperatures that your fire produces.  Look around at other units and I doubt you will find many people using a fire grate with the material that we do.  We want you to have a firebox that lasts and the components that go into them to last, as well.  This pattern maximizes airflow, as well.


A vented grilling surface is standard on all Offset Meat Lockers.  This is a feature that you do not see on most offset units. Once you have that option, we don't believe you would chose a unit without it.  Note the lip around the grilling surface.  This ensures that when closed, heat and smoke do not escape.

Firebox Closure

The grilling station comes with a heat resistant coil handle that ensures a tight closure around the lip of the station.  This ensures that when smoking, the heat and smoke goes into the smoking chamber, not out of the top of the firebox.


The Pairing

This is a photo of the pairing in to show you how the process works and to emphasize the attention to detail we take when putting your unit together.  Note that as the unit is built we ensure that the unit is not only level but that all angles match up properly. 

The Pairing

This is another photo of the pairing.  Every unit we make is painstakingly  and individually paired up to ensure a perfect fit between the firebox and the cooking unit.  We ensure that the flow of heat and air is maximized.  We make sure that the fire is entering the cooking chamber at the right level.  We ensure that the weld is secure, but also that everything is level before we ever combine the two.  

The Pairing

Another step in the pairing process that is oft-forgotten is the balance between the sides on wheels.  Before this unit is permanently paired, we ensure that there will not be any tension between the two sides.  This is important because you want a level cart which rolls easily and evenly.

Rack Bars

The rack system we use is a single bar system.  The racks have a hook that keeps the rack anchored.  The racks fit into the gap and can be pulled all of the way out.  As you can see, the gaps are matched up and therefore, are interchangeable. 


Once the pairing process is complete we begin working on the shelving.  We ensure that the shelves are level and interchangeable.  Our unique shelving system allows you to pull the shelves all of the way out without them coming off the rack so that you can check on or work with the food.  Taken 7/8 of the way off, the grates can be lifted straight up and off. 


Six interchangeable racks are standard on this unit.


The Offset Meat Locker comes with a standard shelving unit under the cart.  As noted above, this is a level surface.  


Another photo to show how we ensure that the cart is "free-wheeling" as well as the surface area inside the cooking chamber.

Doors and Venting

After the pairing and cart are complete we put the doors and the cooking chamber vent on.  Due to the size of these doors, we use a dual closure system to ensure a tight seal.  We use a lever system for the vent for an easy reach.  If you go to the option section of the site you will see the choices you have for latches and handles.  You can also customize the handles if you have something ornate or an idea that would make it ornate.

Firebox Capacity

As you can see with charcoal and wood splits, this unit has a large firebox capacity.  There is ample room between the fire and the floor of the firebox to allow for ashes to fall and still have the airflow required to keep a hot fire.  The fire grate is also recessed and reversible.  This is important because if you use it with the lip up, it contains fuel a bit more.  Turn it upside down and the fire is raised, allowing for placement of a small ash catcher for easy clean up.

Grilling Station

You want to finish or start some food with a grill?  You just feel like grilling a couple of steaks?  The grilling station is standard on the Offset Meat Locker.  It not only gives you one more cooking option but demonstrates how we think about you when making our units.

A Piece of Art

As with all of our units, we believe that a BBQ serves not only a function but is a piece of art.  What better way to complement your yard than this highly functional, large capacity smoker?

The Offset Meat Locker

If this were a traditional offset unit, think about the footprint it would take to cook the same amount of meat.  This gives you the advantage of verticality for space.  If this is not enough cooking area for you, we build an extra large Offset Meat Locker.