The Firebox

Every offset unit starts with a firebox with venting

Fire Grate

Every firebox comes with a high temperature fire grate.  This is standard on all units and is made to withstand the temperatures that your fire produces.  Look around at other units and I doubt you will find many people using a fire grate with the material that we do.  We want you to have a firebox that lasts and the components that go into them to last, as well.  This pattern maximizes airflow, as well.


We give the option on all of my offset units of having  a grilling top.  This is a feature that you do not see on most offset units. Once you have that option, we don't believe you would chose a unit without it.

The Pairing

Every unit we make is painstakingly  and individually paired up to ensure a perfect fit between the firebox and the cooking unit.  We ensure that the flow of heat and air is maximized.  We make sure that the fire is entering the cooking chamber at the right level.  

Not only do we ensure that the top is level across, but the side of the firebox and cooking chamber are, as well

One last time, level top front to back and side to side.

The Pairing

This is another photo of the pairing in to show you how the process works and to emphasize the attention to detail we take when putting your unit together.  Note the level, the chain, the box and the cut between the units. 

Look at the clean line and cut

Warming Center

The warming center can be use for an extension of the entire cooking unit or as a warming center.  We give a number of venting options into the box, allowing you to control the inflow of heat and smoke.  The two vent system does the same.

The warming box comes standard with three shelves that are interchangeable.  My unique shelf system allows you to pull them all the way forward without them coming off.  You can also pull them 7/8 of the way forward and the will lift completely off.


This unit has two vents.  One controls the warming box and one the cooking chamber.  They have a swing/pivot system with a lever that allows for easy adjustment.   The warming center can be made with a vent into the chamber as well allowing it to be used to Cambro your cook.  Imagine having the ability to cook a brisket and letting it rest in the warming  chamber as you are tending to ribs and starting chicken.

Counter Weight

A big heavy lid gets a nice heavy counter weight.  If you look at some other BBQ and the counter weights that they use you would imagine that they could prove to be "counter productive".  We use careful measurements to ensure that the weight is balanced, allows the heavy lid to be lifted more easily AND adds downward weight when closed to aid in the sealing of the box.  This weight will not cause the door to swing wildly open or slam shut when it comes down.

We use heavy steel in the construction of the counter weight.  That is why it is a counter weight.

Cooking Chamber

The cooking chamber comes with a dual level slide out rack.  As our name implies, we can customize these racks to be a split pull/split door system.  When making these choices talk to us.  

For example, a split door/split rack system would potentially change your need for, or effectiveness of, a counter weight.


The Terminator comes with heavy duty framing and a station underneath to cart items around.  Because the frame is lower to the ground it comes standard with caster wheels.  We put handles on both sides of the unit to make mobility easier.  You will notice that there are four external thermometers on the unit, placed strategically in the unit.

The Finished Product

As with all of my units, I consider the Terminator to be not only a high quality cooker but an artistic addition to your yard.  

The unit was featured at the Fresno Home and Garden Show.


This is the Off Road Terminator.  With fully pivoting off-road tires and a reinforced frame, it is meant to be the go-anywhere, cook everywhere BBQ machine!!!!