The Firebox

Every offset unit starts with a firebox with venting

Fire Grate

Every firebox comes with a high temperature fire grate.  This is standard on all units and is made to withstand the temperatures that your fire produces.  Look around at other units and I doubt you will find many people using a fire grate with the material that we do.  We want you to have a firebox that lasts and the components that go into them to last, as well.  This pattern maximizes airflow, as well.

The Pairing

Every unit we make is painstakingly  and individually paired up to ensure a perfect fit between the firebox and the cooking unit.  We ensure that the flow of heat and air is maximized.  We make sure that the fire is entering the cooking chamber at the right level.  As you can see in the background this cooking chamber is on a chain.  We ensure that the weld is secure, but also that everything is level before we ever combine the two.  

The Pairing

This is another photo of the pairing in to show you how the process works and to emphasize the attention to detail we take when putting your unit together.  Note the level, the chain, the box and the cut between the units. 


We give the option on all of my offset units of having  a grilling top.  This is a feature that you do not see on most offset units. Once you have that option, we don't believe you would chose a unit without it.


You may come to me with a your own cooking style or needs.  We build each unit to meet those needs.  One of the advantages of making units for BBQ's who have years of experience cooking like me is that together we can customize your unit.  On this Diablo, the unit has not only a two shelf system, but an offset door in the cooking chamber to access items at the far end.  Talk to me about your preferences or ask me questions.  We will make your unit to suit your needs. 

Warming Chamber

The Diablo comes standard with a three shelf upright chamber that serves as a cooking unit or a cambro/warming chamber.


The Diablo can include front shelving and includes a cart with storage space below.  


This unit has a diamond plate shelf


Because this is a single door unit it has a counter weight for easy opening and it provides weight when closed to ensure a tight seal.