The Firebox

The ICU starts with a firebox.  Notice that it has a large side vent as well as a recess along the hinge line for flush closure.  On the top of the firebox there is a recessed lip that allows you to grill food directly above the fire.  It also allows you to add our "Forever Water Pan" built to fit directly in the same space.

The Firebox

The firebox comes standard with a heat resistant coil handle* and welded hinges.  This photo shows that when closed, the door is flush with the unit.  It also shows the attention to detail we use when making the unit.  Notice on this diamond plate that the pattern of the plate matches around the cut and is flush with the original pattern.  It has to pass this test before we call it done.  

*All heat resistant handles made of metal will become hot.  To minimize the heat transfer, position handle so that it faces outward when closing.


The side vent on the ICU has a heat resistant coil handle and slides freely.  This venting system is very practical for a number of reasons.  Wide open, it allows you to get a really hot fire as well as providing the oxygen to get a wood fire going.  If you are cooking pizzas, having a hot fire is a must.  Maintaining a long low heat fire for long cooks is a breeze by closing the vent most of the way.  The grating on the side keeps embers from escaping the firebox.


The ICU comes standard with three shelves but four shelf units are not only optional, but preferred by many buyers.  The shelves are completely removable and interchangeable.  The shelves can be pulled completely forward and will not come off of the racks.  Pulled 5/6 out, they can be completely removed. 


Notice again the attention to detail in the cooking chamber.  The unit has welded hinges and a recess lip for a flush closure.  Notice again that the diamond plating matches perfectly just like the firebox.  All units come standard with a thermometer.  Customers using digital thermometers consistently report that the variation of temps, when settled in, are 5-10 degrees top to bottom, side to side.  This unit comes with a heat resistant dual closure system as well as metal ornate handles.  I urge you to visit the options page to see all of the options available to you.


The ICU comes standard with two vents.  This is a unique but important design.  It makes the ICU very versatile.  You may be familiar with the concept of smoking with vents "wide open".  This technique allows for a clean fire but a less smokey environment.  Using a two vent system, you can really create a "wide open" fire.  Wide open also allows the cooking chamber to become really hot for items like pizza.  With the vents closed half-way, you essentially have the same environment that you would with a single stack open all of the way.  A two stack design also allows you to direct air flow to one side of the unit for smaller cooks.  Two stack really allow you to dial in temperatures, the amount of smoke in the chamber.

ICU At Home

The ICU has a relatively small footprint compared to an Offset Smoker with the same surface area.  They also are a piece of art. 


It is all about the food.  This is the photo of a "first cook" from an ICU.  Imagine being able to produce mouth watering, perfectly smoked food on your very first cook.